Here are some things I regularly read and listen to. Maybe you’ll like them too!

Read Online

Versioning (by Sitepoint)

Versioning is a source of high quality web-dev related articles, which shouldn’t be a surprise coming from the guys at Sitepoint. I look forward to their almost-daily email, where I never fail to find at least one fascinating or educational article. They’re expanding on their web front end as well, so keep an eye on these guys.

Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman’s blog and twitter account are great sources of info, commentary and passion about web development on Microsoft’s platforms.

Atlas Obscura

“Definitive guidebook and friendly tour-guide to the world’s most wondrous places. Travel tips, articles, strange facts and unique events.”

LifeHacker Australia

“Save time, work smarter and get the most out of technology with Lifehacker Australia’s productivity tips, downloads, shortcuts and website recommendations.”

Read Oldschool – Booklist

In alphabetical order, a shortlist of profession-related books in which I’ve found value over the years.



This extremely well-produced radio show is fascinating, thought provoking and delightful. Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich present an immersive story-telling experience covering science, history, and just about everything else. I can’t stop listening, and I learn something new about the world (or about myself!) in every episode.

No Such Thing As A Fish

A podcast from the ‘elves’ of Stephen Fry’s QI TV series, this podcast delights in the absurd, delivering random and obscure factoids in what could easily be a bit of banter amongst friends over a beer.